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About us

Klaipėda Region is a northern part of Lithuania Minor, which is very important ethnographically and historically. In the years 1701-1929 it was the German ruled territory of Prussia with different inhabitants of ethnic origin, which helped to shape the current cultural peculiarities. They differed from Greater Lithuania in their linguistic dialect, lifestyle and nutrition traits, crafts, architecture and even clothing. In order to preserve the heritage of Lithuania Minor, we restored the former part of the German manor in Vilkyčiai, preserving the architecture of that time, and turned it into a cozy rural tourism homestead, where everyone can feel the spirit of Lithuania Minor. The "Mill House" name means connection between the history of the former standing mill and the hospitality of local people. The house is the most cozy place where we can feel free and relax, so we invite you to visit a rural tourism homestead and feel the German spirit.

Welcome to West Lithuania

Visiting the Klaipėda region everyone will feel the breath of Lithuanian nature, full of German architecture and hospitality! One of the most impressive European landscapes in this region is UNESCO heritage - the Curonian Spit, which is rich in sand, forests and waters. Also in this region is the village of Mingė, where the main central street is the flowing river, Nemunas delta with many islands, in one of them – Rusnė town, and Ventė cape, which surprises with the abundance of various species of birds.


The "Mill House" is a restored former mill, which retains the interior and exterior typical of that period. All wooden beams, roof tiles have been preserved. Red bricks have been preserved inside and outside, which is reflecting the true German-style architecture. The minimal design that dominates in the interior combines simplicity with functionality, thus creating a boho style. There are 4 double and 2 single rooms equipped in this style, which allows you to feel peculiarities of that time.

Deep tradicions

Lithuania Minor was an exceptional ethnographic region with its own culinary heritage. It has been famous for dairy products - fresh cheeses, caste, which were combined with soft, sweet and sour rye bread. Lithuanians took over the tradition from German culture of producing various sweets, therefore the region of Lithuania Minor was famous for bakeries, confectioneries and cafes, where various pastries were produced. This region was also famous for its deep oenological traditions, which is still alive.

About the mill

The mill is one of the oldest means of grain milling, which appeared in Lithuania in the 13th century. Residents of Lithuania Minor and Samogitians living near the Baltic Sea were the first in Lithuania, who started building mills. Even the name “mill” is Prussian. The “Mill house” has milling mills and warehouses for storing grain, so everyone who visits can learn more about the history of the mill, see how the mill looks from the inside and even touch it.


In the rural tourism homestead "Mill house", you will escape from the city and will be able to enjoy the unique beauty of Lithuania nature, watch the trains passing in the distance or the deer running in the fields. You can enjoy the pleasures of the sauna and prepare lunch or dinner in the Kamado high-quality barbecue.


"Mill house" has a terrace with wonderful nature views typical of Lithuania Minor. Here you can cook dinner in the Kamado barbecue, which is unique in reaching temperature up to 400 ° C and precisely regulating the air flow, so you can not only cook or smoke meat, but also cook other dishes prepared in the oven.


The Finnish sauna is very similar to the Lithuanian smoky sauna, where the locals have enjoyed since ancient times. The sauna in “Mill house” intended for six people to be at same time. Here you can revitalize your body and mind with sauna rituals such as lightly beating with birch whisk, aromatherapy or body scrubbing.


The Lithuania Minor is famous for deep traditions of winemaking. Nowadays winemakers produce traditional wine by an old recipe they have inherited from their grandparents. Therefore, we invite you to a gastronomic trip, where you will be able to taste a unique wine made by local winemakers, which is famous for its wonderful taste and aroma.


Book a rest! More information about our service call by phone +370 653 36674 or make an inquiry. Please be informed that the recreation areas of the Mill House are not rented separately. Pets are not allowed.